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Gurgaon and Santhosh..!!

So its been long time since I got an idea to create my own blog..!! But the topic to post in an opening blog has to be something special, right..??

Thinking on a good post I suddenly got struck with an idea..!! As the title of this blog signifies, it is going to be on what I was for the past three months..!!

It all started suddenly when I got a mail from Aricent asking me to join the company on the 15th of June.. The farthest place in the north I have ever been before was Bangalore..And now I’m in Gurgaon..

பேர்லயே இவளோ குழப்பமா !! I called it gur-ga-on..(குர்கான் ) but the people here call it gud-gaa-ov(குட்காவு )..

It took only two days to find out the fact “தமிழ் பேசினா தலைல மிளகா அரச்சுருவங்க “..

Some facts I ve learnt over here.. I’m posting these to those people who are in a plan (may be) to come o’er here..:)

  • At the very start (either it be arrival at airport or railway station) ,  you will be able to find out a concept popular nowadays “PREPAID CALL TAXI”.. You pay the main amount on the counter and at least 25% of the amount as tips..மிரட்டி வாங்குவாங்க.. 😛 I paid 300 INR for the taxi and 100 INR for the driver as tips..:-(
  • The transport mechanism you gonna use to your office daily.. Share Auto / Cycle Rickshaw.. These auto drivers are so damn knowledged that they find out you are from south India at their first look itself..! All we say is “bayya.. sector unnees.. Udyog Vihar.. Phase panch.. Plot aat sow chey…” (means sector 19, phase 5 plot 806) and all they reply is “der sow rupiah..” (means 150 INR) for a trip which takes a maximum distance of about 4 kms.. Somehow we guys managed to find autos at “dhus rupiah ka savaari.. ham saath log hai..” (means 10 INR per head.. we are 7 in number)..:P
  • It will be damn boring during weekends ,right?? So we started visiting Delhi.. It is just 40 kms away from gudgaav.. Some main places in Delhi to visit – Qutab minar, Red Fort, India Gate, Palika bazaar, karol bagh, etc among which most are circulated in an area named Connaught Place.. நல்ல சாப்பட்டுக்கு 40 km போகரதுல தப்பு இல்லையே..
  • A general rule for people who are going to purchase something in Delhi.. You get dumb-founded by people selling all brands like Levis, Abercrombie & Fitch, Lee, Reebok, Adidas, etc on roadside bazaars.. When you ask a person a rate of something and he says it costs X INR… Bargain it from X/100 INR.. You can purchase it for X/10 INR.. For example.. consider you buying a Ray Ban coolers.. He starts from 1500 INR.. You start from 15 INR .. You will be able to purchase it around 100 INR.. வாயுள்ள பிள்ளை பிழைக்கும் ..:)
  • And in those bazaars sellers speak English better than us..!! So யாரும் ஏமாந்துராதீங்க  😛
  • Roti.. பேர கேட்டாலே எங்களுக்கு சும்மா அதிரும் .. Believe me.. You cant eat this stuff for more than a week.. With the roti they make and the side-dish they prepare for it, Starving to death appears a better option..!! இந்த ரொட்டியயும் தினமும் 15-20 திங்கற நம்ம ஊரு பசங்களும் இருக்காங்க  ( யாருன்னு அடுத்த பதிவுல சொல்றேன் )..:-)

So I think I am done with my first post..!! For people who are about to visit these places , you can call me anytime for clarifications..;-)

And I have not inserted any details of my company and work kinda stuff.. Cos this blog is for a different cause..

P.S..: Every thing about this blog is from my perspective.. Any harm to anybody is unintentional..:P

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  1. September 9, 2010 at 9:50 am

    Cool one da 🙂 keep writing.. really good description about x/100 and x/10.. 🙂

  2. durga
    September 10, 2010 at 2:00 am

    wat u said is absloutly right abt delhi……… and da page is cool and keep on doing it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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