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Adieu 2010..!! :-) Good be with ye’..!!

So, the last day of 2010, more apt to say the last-work-less day of this year, started off and went in a flash… It is time to recapture the past and indulge in the memories of the past one year for a few minutes..!!

A lot of things occurred so far… A few causing a great impact, a few causing a wild ecstasy and a few making me shed tears..!! I really want to write long stories about them..!! Then I should virtually expect myself to complete it within 2012’s birth though..!!

Any longest incident would have a small dent to remember or at least a tint to create an impact..!! It’s really making me feel nostalgic to recall these incidents..!!

This was the year I went last to my first college..!! Those days inside and outside classes, the countless proxies we gifted each other, the naps in theory classes, the technologies we invented to pass in the internal tests, those night outs in hostel, the countless dinners at hostel mess, sleepless nights before semesters, photo sessions in and outside college, getting nerd to extreme ends in the banks of rooms 78, 79 and 80… Those late-night / early-morning tea at roadside shops, the basketball practices and matches… The day I was selected BOS 😛 and the day I was beaten up for receiving the same..!! The day my friends vacated hostel, the same day’s sweet and salty memories at maatuthavani… Gawd….!! Pleasant forever..!!!

This was the same year I went to my first job..!! The 3 months stay at gurgaon, the night-outs at training center, the trip to the Taj-Mahal.. Roaming around Delhi every weekend, my first trip over air..!! The return back to Chennai, the havoc in finding a house in Chennai, monthly trips to home and everything that happened..!!

By now it is hardly time to bid good-bye to this fun-filled year..!! Thank you 2010 for all smiles that you brought upon me..!! And, WELCOME 2011..!! 🙂

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